An Encounter with Snowmen

“Grr! Brr! Mrr! Hrr! Err!” growled the snowman. “Here is our next victim.” An infuriating snowman thrust a serrated branch through me. With a fortunate stroke of serendipity, the branch slipped and cut through the air. The branch changed its direction and thrust through the snowman like a sword. Alas ! he assassinated himself. Boom! He cracked like a nutshell. His body parts burst like a grenade dropping a golden apple.

The other snowmen changed into an ivory pile of rubble. I was famished so I got tempted looking at the sheeny golden apple which appeared to be impeccable. I grabbed it and nibbled a midget bite as a cloud of suspicion lurked around. It was succulent. Like a poacher, I gormandised the lambent golden apple. Suddenly, I embedded in aglow diamond chest plate, boots, a helmet, a shield and a sword. I was perplexed. “Roar!” howled a repulsive voice. It was alarmed by the explosion of the snowman. As I darted out of the cave, a squad of ice giants, one mile tall huddled me just like the game of a cat and mouse. “You are immortal with this armour”, I mustered up my courage.

Yet, I was scared stiff. I thrust my sword in mid-air. I detected a spark of fear striking in their eyes. All the trembling ice giants collided into each other making the scene helter- skelter. This was the most intriguing walk in my life , all the ice giants disappeared. Suddenly! Plunging from the sky like Superman, swooped a behemoth ice golem at least five times as tall as others. In a shock, my sword was dangling in mid-air, but it was pressuring my muscles. The ice golem punched me, I was unscathed, but was extremely pusillanimous. The punch helped me land out of the cave. As I got back on my feet, there was no sign of the perilous golem. Hooray! i breathed heavily in relief.

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