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An Arcane Creature

THUD! The stalactite shattered in front of me. A colony of disgruntled bats swarmed into eternal darkness. Scores of rocks cracked apart. I scraped my hands on the rugged walls of the labyrinth. My knees turned to jelly. I trudged with weary legs and scrawny face, slower than a sloth. The air was thick and […]

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Massacre of Life

It was a dark and stormy night. The boisterous clouds collided spitting streaks of lightning, crashing against the exoskeleton of the earth. The inclement weather incessantly bucketed down its ammunition of bullets upon the wretched life dwelling on the barren land. The dilapidated buildings growled at the nebulous sky, succumbed to the bait as they […]

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Flying Outside the Aeroplane

Sweat trickled down my cheeks. I dashed past the interminable swathes of rubble. My heart was in my mouth. Peril is rife. The wind howled as if it were on fire. Ominous thunder cackled overhead. Blinding light crashing into the torment underneath. I had been running from the turbulent winds until it had sapped all […]

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The Grinch turns his eye to another holiday

He ambled maladroitly disguised as an overweight woman Scurrying past the mobs of creatures “Hallowhon is tomorrow”, he cried He crept towards the corner grasping five of those delectable chocolates from the stall. Amidst the hall stood a statue of a witch “Hallowhon, huh “, he murmured glaring at the statue “What if I steal […]

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An Encounter with Snowmen

“Grr! Brr! Mrr! Hrr! Err!” growled the snowman. “Here is our next victim.” An infuriating snowman thrust a serrated branch through me. With a fortunate stroke of serendipity, the branch slipped and cut through the air. The branch changed its direction and thrust through the snowman like a sword. Alas ! he assassinated himself. Boom! […]

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