Massacre of Life

It was a dark and stormy night. The boisterous clouds collided spitting streaks of lightning, crashing against the exoskeleton of the earth. The inclement weather incessantly bucketed down its ammunition of bullets upon the wretched life dwelling on the barren land. The dilapidated buildings growled at the nebulous sky, succumbed to the bait as they shattered and lay in their prostrate form of rubble. Shrilled high-pitch echoes pierced through the ebony night sky. The lapping waves came to a sudden halt as it brewed into turbulent billowing waves unleashing their vengeance upon the inferior, feeble mankind. The endless apocalypse knew no bounds as it derailed the trains ramming into the transmission tower like a bow shooting from an arrow.

Flying shrapnel of rerated glass rode the gusty-blustery winds like minions of the Satan. Horror-stricken inhabitants dispersed in all directions like ripples in a lake. Colossal cracks exposed the endless chasm concentrated with the myriad of minerals and was shortly filled with spine-chilling screams and piles of corpses. Earth belched towering precipices that protruded outwards, maladroitly. The clouds bellowed furiously as it stirred twisters that vacuum clean the rescued earthling as it levitated upon the demolished Earth. An attenuate mist was emerging as the lone survivor strode past all the obstacles. on his tail was a series of lightning, earthquake and floods who were determined to finish off their bane of existence. Destiny struck life as the blinding white light infiltrated and a man with bloodshot eyes was submerged in a pool of scarlet. The rugged crust gave a final gasp before it froze. Entombed silence enveloped the earth lasting for eternity. The mist thickened like curtains that are drawn to bring in darkness. The play was over.

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