The Grinch turns his eye to another holiday

He ambled maladroitly disguised as an overweight woman

Scurrying past the mobs of creatures

“Hallowhon is tomorrow”, he cried

He crept towards the corner grasping five of those delectable chocolates from the stall.

Amidst the hall stood a statue of a witch

“Hallowhon, huh “, he murmured glaring at the statue

“What if I steal the statwho and dress up as it myself tomwhorrow?”

“Or Valentine’s Day !” he cried

“Testwhoval of love… more like festwhoval of hatred and pandemonwhoum”

He chuckled under his breath.

“Whow about burning the florist shops in Whoville?”

“No more roses for Whos on Valentine’s Day!”

“Or New Year’s Day.” he exclaimed

“I’ll dress up as a bartender and spray all the champagne on the whorithing and moaning Who’s.”

“I’ll annihilate the party by suppressing the power supply itself, “ he muttered rhapsodically.

“No more music, lights and dance for Whos” He gulped one more chocolate.”

“ Maybe I’ll invite everybody in the town to a party hosted by nowhon.”

“Whohahaha!” he snorted

“‘Wholst they are distracted, I will raid their whouses.” He gormandised two more chocolates.

“I’ll drop barrels of oil on the public streets and rouse a fur ore. No one will ever know what happwhoned”

“Whohahaha!” he chortled

The grinch staggered around so deep in thought that he was nonchalant about his surroundings

He stumbled upon the rock, falling face first on to the ground

His pointed hat flung away leaving behind his scraggy green hair.

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